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Future actions and prospects

for the three years: 2005-2007


Three research – oriented actions

Applied research and field-action of the Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace will, to ensure the continuity of all actions undertaken since 1987, be built on three bases to strengthen civil peace and human rights in Lebanon . These bases are:

1. Civic education and culture of peace : This basis includes applied and comparative research on collective memory, going from war memories to a culture of peace, the writing of teaching materials for democratic education in schools and universities. It also includes legal popular information, municipal legal education and the incitement of citizens to the creation of projects within the municipal frame namely after the election of new municipal councils in Lebanon for the first time in thirty five years.

2. Democratization and civil society : This includes taking part in public matters, taking commitments, surveying the management of public matters, understanding common interest and public space, defending and protecting freedoms, negotiated and peaceful settlement of conflicts, supporting the power in its democratic trends and decisions, promoting civil society whose main aims are:

- Development: Empowerment, taking initiatives and participating in the development process through volunteers associations, by using pressure on public authorities in order to reach sustained human development and an economy oriented towards more social justice.

- Immunity: Through a culture of agreement and solidarity, inspired from Lebanese national pacts, especially in a geographically small country which conveys a message of unity in diversity at the dawn of the third millennium, a country threatened by its regional context by foreign interferences and internal wars.

3. Social policies : The guarantee of social rights, the move of the economy towards more social justice and development, the need for unions and professional organizations to set up and carry out projects of sustainable human development and negotiated settlement of social conflicts which helps to strengthen civil peace in Lebanon while avoiding causes of division and feelings of frustration and deprivation.




The Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace has established the following programmes:

1. From war memories to a culture of peace : To establish dialogue between the people victims of war to deduce mutual lessons.

2. Education in terms of peace in a multicommunitarian society : To respect and acknowledge others, to shape an image of others with a culture of social interaction and solidarity (397/98c).

3. You and the Law: The relation between citizens and, in cooperation with National Endowment for Democracy (284/98c).

4. Policies for the youth facing social changes (The cases of Lebanon , Egypt and Jordan ). (133/97b and 29/99b).

5. Lebanon in the future: heritage and commitment (342/98b).

6. Civil Society in Lebanon : Democracy, development and civil peace, in cooperation with Mercy Corps International (112/97b).

7. Observatory of democracy in Lebanon , in cooperation with European Union (245/97b) .

8. Unions and professional organizations in Lebanon : Strategy of participation and social democracy, in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation (M 381/98b).

9. Actors in Social Policies in Lebanon, n cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation (M 360/99b and M 49/00c)

10. Student citizenship : Strategy for democratic culture in schools and universities,in cooperation with National Endowment for Democracy (256/02b).

11. International stability in Lebanon and regional security: The Lebanese case .

12. Geography and Electoral Law in Lebanon : Conditions for Democratic Representatio, in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation (46/01b).

13. Center for Monitoring Civil Peace in Lebanon , in cooperation with Ayia Napa Conference Center (256/02b).

14. Strengthening Local Governance : Local Participation, Initiatives and Citizenship, in cooperation with National Endowment for Democracy (95/98c).

15. Electoral governance in Lebanon (2004-2006) (256/02b).

16. Lebanese Legislation Monitor (NGO'sMPS and Media Advocating for Democracy and Human Rights in cooperation with National Endowment for Democracy (2004-2007) (412/03b).

17. Education in Terms of the Rule of Law, in cooperation with Culture of Lawfulness Project (2004-2005) (310/03c – 335/03c).

18. Taxes and Citizenship in Lebanon : Psychology, Sociology and Economy of taxation .

19. Center for Monitoring Political Science in Lebanon: Orientations and needs of Lebanese Society . New generation of political scientistes, in cooperation with Lebanese Political Science Association.

20. Monitoring Legislation in Lebanon , in cooperation with National Endowment for Democracy.



Priority requirements

To carry out these projects, the Lebanese Foundation for Permanent Civil Peace needs the following:

1. Parthership : The projects considered do not only affect Lebanon , but also all small nations, multicommunitarian societies and those that have witnessed internal wars. We wish to cooperate with Europe, United States of America and Arab States , ex-Yugoslavia, South Africa , African and Arab States in common projects.

2. Exchange of information and research : An exchange of information, research, written works and experience is highly recommended with Arab countries as well as countries that have been through the same circumstances as Lebanon .

3. Holding regional workshops that might be Arab and Euro-Arab : These workshops facilitate the exchange of information, research and experience as well as the building of networks of democracy advocates.

4. Financial help : Financial help is indispensable to the Foundation's projects and namely for the creation of a fund (endowment) from one or several donations which will enoure long life for our work. This is essential to strengthen the foundations of democracy and permanent civil peace in Lebanon .

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